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Bruce Jenner A Man s Man - 864 Words

Throughout history, Bruce Jenner remained one of the greatest athletes in the 1970 s. Notable for being â€Å"a man’s man†. An Olympic champion to the public, but behind closed doors, he enjoyed cross-dressing and created plans to transform into a woman. Miserably living a lie for the majority of his life accepting awards and titles that were not befitting. Jenner kept his secret taboo because of the lack of support and acceptance of Transgenders (relating to a person who does not conform to societal gender norms or roles) in the late 1970 s. Three marriages, and six children later, Bruce Jenner, now â€Å"Caitlyn Jenner† has publicly come forth and announced his deepest secret. Numerous people endeavor to associate Rachel Dolezal to Caitlyn Jenner. Surmising that Rachel Dolezal is transracial (involving or between two or more racial groups), and that she too always needed to be an African American just as Caitlyn Jenner expressed that she needed to be a woman. Nonetheless, Rachel Dolezal betrayed countless people with her lies and antics relating to her cultural background. A former Africana Studies instructor and civil rights activist was asked what race she was; she replied â€Å"I don’t understand the question† (Dolezal, Rachel). How could an educationalist and civil rights advocate not understand a simple question? Although these two women seem similar based on their loss of identity, in contrast, they are unquestionably dissimilar. InvigoratingShow MoreRelatedThe Influence Of Caitlyn Jenner s Impact On Sports1326 Words   |  6 Pagestoday, Caitlyn Jenner has made an impact in sports as well as LGBTQ community and is an advocate for trans rights. There were social, economic, and cultural influences on Caitlyn Jenner which affected her lifetime achievements. This paper will focus on the person who went from winning the Olympics as a man to being declared â€Å"Most Famous Transgender Women in the World† and the things that influenced her to becoming who she is today. Caitlyn Jenner was born as William Bruce Jenner on October 28,1949Read MoreThe Sociological Phenomenon Of Transgenderism992 Words   |  4 PagesDalton Stiles 4/23/15 The Sociological phenomenon of Transgenderism In today s society, we are seeing a certain group flourish with newly acquired visibility. Time magazine has recently featured a woman named Lavern Cox on the cover along with the feature article titled The Transgendered Tipping Point. Which discusses the new civil rights frontier that Lavern Cox has played a huge part towards. She was on Time magazines 2015 list of 100 Most Influential People, as well as being the first transgenderedRead MoreBruce Jenner : An American Television Personality And Retired Athletic Champion1089 Words   |  5 PagesCaitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner, is an American television personality and retired athletic champion. Jenner’s name and gender change became official on Sept. 25, 2015 and she is now one of the most famous openly transgender people in the world. Thousands of articles have been written about her and I plan to compare two that contrast each other greatly. The first article is written by Matt Walsh for TheBlaze, an independent new s and entertainment television network and website, with locationsRead MoreGender Identification : An Exploration Of The Transgender Group1625 Words   |  7 Pagesbased on an individual’s sex determined at birth. In 1620, was the first recorded person who identified as being transgender in the state of Virginia (Beemyn, 2013). This individual described himself as being both a man and a woman, wore both men and women clothing, and created a man and woman name for himself/herself. Physical examinations were taken of this individual, and no clear sex could be determined (Beemyn, 2013, p. 1). During this time, individuals in society were not accustomed to seeingRead MoreGender And Its Impact On Our Lives1515 Words   |  7 Pagesteenager to graduate from high school was not looked as an accomplishment but a disgrace. However, a prime example of how much society has transmuted is relating to one of the most famous public figures in this century known as Caitlyn Jenner, otherwise known as Bruce Jenner. The astonishing story of her transformation and emotional life has affected and received such a positive reaction in our world and become a role model for society. A cause of this is our media, which has affected the public throughoutRead MoreThe Value Of Being A Woman1541 Words   |  7 Pageshow some one who wasn t born a woman could never fully understand them. She explains from a woman s point of view how men and women have never been equal, what woman have been going through, and how they have to work twice as hard to survive in this world. She uses two people throughout her essay who are transgenders who’ve been accepted by the world to get her point across which are Bruce Jenner Lawrence H. Summers. While analyzing the article I recognized three kinds of arguments used throughoutRead MoreI Felt That My Greatest Asset1273 Words   |  6 PagesCaitlyn Jenner expressed, â€Å"I always felt that my greatest asset was not my physical ability, it was my mental ability.† Caitlyn Jenner’s former name was William Bruce Jenner. This legend was born, originally as a man, on October 28, 1949 in Mount Kisco, New York. Biography states that she had dyslexia and struggled in school but was very talented in sports. In high school, Jenner excelled in water skiing, football, basketball, and track. She then attended Graceland College. In college, she wasRead MoreCaitlyn Jenner: An Olympian And Role Model. Caitlyn Jenner1903 Words   |  8 Pages Caitlyn Jenner: An Olympian and Role Model Caitlyn Jenner was given the Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Awards (ESPY) Arthur Ashe Award for Courage. Twice an Olympic triathlon athlete, she blazed new trails. Long before her transformation, Jenner lived a life that her family and society expected of her: a loyal, loving son and father and an outstanding sportsman. Her newest role was as an advocate for the transgender community, which may become one of her greatest roles. Presently, CaitlynRead MoreTransgender People Face Harassment And Discrimination1472 Words   |  6 Pages it s called gender identity, Everyone has a gender identity. Most people s gender identity matches their anatomy. But those who are transgender feel different from their physical appearances. Society today looks upon transgender as an â€Å"Identity disorder.† The word transgender doesn t only mean that a person identifies with the opposite gender. It also can be used by people who don t feel like they re either completely male or completely female.! ! ! ! I personally applaud Bruce Jenner, a retiredRead MoreGender Identity Disorders ( Gids )1403 Words   |  6 Pagesdiscomfort or impairment at work, in social situations, or other important areas of life (American Psychological Association). Transgender surgery has its flaws, but it can completely change the individual for the better in their psychiatric aspect. Bruce Jenner, an Olympic gold medalist, now referred to as Caitlyn, was once seen as the greatest athlete in the world and later became a reality television star with one of the world’s most famous families, the Kardashians. The former Olympian revealed a secret

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Essay on Tomas Friedmans Ideas on Globalization - 1430 Words

The United States used to be a place of dreams, a country where any willing body in the world envied. The opportunity to escape the old world and start anew, the chance to buy a home to your name, raise a family with little worries, have a secure job that would provide enough, and ultimately the right to say to the other nations, â€Å"I am free†. Sadly today, that opportunity is closing, the chance is slipping and that free America is being chained by the very same people robbing others of a life. The last time in history anyone saw this large of a robbery was during the French Revolution. This is only said because the world is emerging into a global economy that blurs national law and dries countries of their resources. In this world†¦show more content†¦This meeting was blown when many protesters made it their life mission to inform the general public what the meeting signified and overall what it meant for the future of our global economy. The protesters only concern was to alert the majority of the world that â€Å"Hey the very one percent are behind that door deciding our fate for us when we have a voice of our own.† It became clear that the main message to these super elite was ‘No Globalization, without Representation.† Friedman lamely wrote an article attacking the very same protestors who he claimed ‘flat earthers’,saying they did not appreciate the global economy and did not understand it enough to have the grace to operate on the topic. What he fails to do is to address the main issue, these people were not ignorant. They were farmers, educators, civil rights activists, environmentalists, and so on, who knew the risk of the global economy dictated b y the very few over the many.

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Nursing Care for Dissociative Indentity Disorder Free Essays

Dissociative identity disorder is a common mental disorder. American Psychiatric Association (2000) defines DID as, â€Å"presence of two or more distinct identities or personality states that recurrently take control of the individual’s behaviour, accompanied by an inability to recall important personal information that is too extensive to be explained by ordinary forgetfulness† (as cited in Ringrose, 2011, p. 294). We will write a custom essay sample on Nursing Care for Dissociative Indentity Disorder or any similar topic only for you Order Now Coons (1998) states that an individual suffering from DID shows different personalities who may have different ages, names, and functions (as cited in Gentile, Dillon Gillig, 2013, p. 24). The original personality is host and developed personalities are alters who may have different level of conciousness and knowledge (Persin, 2011, p. 58). It is complex type of disorder, Briere Elliott (2003) and Spitzer et al. (2006) estimate that 1 to 3 percentage of total population are suffering from DID in North America (as cited in Gleadhill Ferris, 2010, p. 3). The complexities in personality of the DID patient make difficulty in treatment; however, Chlebowski and Gregory (2012) argue that sychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnosis, group and family therapy are common for the treatment methods for DID (p. 165). By developing effective long term nursing care plan, and implementing it through the individual, family or group therapy, nursing intervention can play important role for the treatment of DID patient having different symptoms. DID patients may show several symptoms including amnesia, identity confusion, identity alteration, feeling of loss of time and space, flashbacks, nightmares, headache, and emotional instability. Steinberg’s (2004) structured clinical interview for the diagnosis of DID identifies the five core symptoms as amnesia, depersonalisation, derealisation, identity confusion and identity alteration (as cited in Gleadhill Ferris, 2010, p. 43). DID patient may also have the symptoms such as fear of others, loneliness, deep insecurity and lack of a coherent sense of self, loss of time and space, flashbacks, nightmares, fragmented and missing memories, headaches, emotional instability ranging from extremes of rage and fear through to numbing and inability to feel (McAllister, 2000, p. 26). Coons (1998) identifies some somatic symptoms such as pseudoseizures, conversion, and gastrointestinal and genitourinary disturbances (as cited in Gentile, Dillon Gillig, 2013, p. 24). Coons further agrues that DID patients usually show the signs such as eye rolling, eye blinking, trancelike behaviour, and changes in posture during changing of personality from host to alter. Some of the DID patients also report dissociative symptoms of extrasensory experiences such as hallucinations (Gillig, 2009, p. 26). Whatever the symptoms the DID patient shows, there are underlying several traumatic causes for the patient suffering on his/her childhood. DID is acquired in the childhood due to severe ongoing neglect, physical, emotional, psychological and sexual abuse. Lev-Weisel (2008) states that when child gets abused, mostly sexually abused, he/she thinks the body no longer be a safe home, and thinks to get rid from the abused situation (as cited in Gleadhill Ferris, 2010, p. 43). This situation develops dissociative behaviours in an individual as a coping mechanism. Curtis (1988), and Ross and Fraser (1987) argue that repeatition of abuse strengthens the defense mechnism of dissociation which allows abusive memories to be stored in different memory banks so that alter is formed with different personalities to handle the abuse (as cited in Precin, 2011, p. 8). Gold, Hill, Swingle and Elphant (1999) and Volkman (1993) state that the severity of the DID depends on child’s age at the time of abuse, duration and severity of abuse, emotional attachment to the abuser, and psychological factors (as cited in Gleadhill Ferris, 2010, p. 43). In addition to severe child abuse, Armstrong (1991), and Main and Solomon (1986) identify that a disorgan ized attachment style, and the absence of social as well as familial support also develop DID (as cited in Gillig, 2009, p. 24). Several therapies are in practice for the treatment of the DID such as sychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, art therapy, hypnosis, group and family therapy. Among them common treatments for DID identified by Pais (2009) include individual, family, or group therapy, creative arts therapies, pharmacotherapy and clinical hypnosis (as cited in Gleadhill Ferris, 2010, p. 44). Due to complexity of disorder and multiple personalities to treat within an individual, Weber (2007) reports that its treatment is often long as well as challenging with possibility of remission scarce (as cited in Gleadhill Ferris, 2010, p. 3). Chlebowski and Gregory (2012) argue that the treatment model with the largest empirical basis has been Kluft’s (1999) individualized and multistaged treatment (p. 167). They state, â€Å"It involves making contact and agreement among alters to work towards integration, accessing and processing trauma with occasional use of hypnosis, learning new coping skills , and eventually fusion among the alters and the self† (p. 167). O’Reilly in1996 develops a nursing therapy model for the treatment of DID patient that focuses basically on three stages: reassuring present safety, associating important merories by ensuring patient confidence, and listening, applying and sharing the interpretation (as cited in McAllister, 2000, p. 31). McAllister et al. after an action research in 2001 find that nurse can reassociate the memory of DID patient by developing effective individualized as well as group therapeutic relationship with the patient (P. 31). Association of dissociative memory is quite challenging work among the psychotherapist; however, longitudanal individual and group therapies are still considered as effective methods for the treatment of DID. With patient’s support on treatment, nursing intervention may be effective method for the treatment of DID patient by developing longitudanal, individualized and multistaged effective care plan. Some studies on nursing therapy for DID patient show its potentiality for the treatment; however, further research is necessary to identify its effectiveness. How to cite Nursing Care for Dissociative Indentity Disorder, Papers

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Essay about the Holidays

Question: Write an essay about theholidays. Answer: Introduction Holiday is defined as an extended period of leisure and recreation which is enjoyed with family, friends or alone. Holidays and be classified into two different categories, activity holidays and flop out holidays. Body It is advantageous to go for activity holiday than to take part if flop out holiday. Holidays are meant to a respite to mind, body and spirit. Participating in various activities like swimming, diving and others makes the holidays adventurous and it helps to have new experience in life. Flop out holidays means to eat and drink during the holidays, avail spa and sunbath and completely relax during the holidays. Partaking in activity holidays would help to explore new things and would introduce the person to new locations with incredible surroundings, which would be otherwise inaccessible. Adventurous sports like kayaking, rafting and cycling are the most enjoyed sports in activity holidays. Flop out holidays would help the body to rest and relax and it would not lead to have new experiences and adventures. Conclusion Thus, it is better to participate in activity holidays rather than flop out holidays. This is because adventures and new experiences would refresh the mind more than relaxing and pampering oneself.

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Pcs 2000 Essays - Michael Jackson, HIStory Past, Present And Future

Pcs 2000 Consciousness expresses itself through creation. This world we live in is the dance of the creator. Dancers come and go in the twinkling of an eye but the dance lives on. On many an occasion, when I am dancing, I have felt touched by something sacred. In those moments, I felt my spirit soar and become one with everything that exists. I become the stars and the moon. I become the lover and the beloved. I become the victor and the vanquished. I become the master and the slave. I become the singer and the song. I become the knower and the known. I keep on dancing and then, it is the eternal dance of creation. The creator and the creation merge into one wholeness of joy. I keep on dancing. . . until there is only. . .the dance. (Jackson 1992, 2) Artists have a special communion with the creative forces of the universe. Regardless of the medium of expression used, artists utilize creative energies to produce works of art, beauty and power for humanity to witness. This is evident in paintings, sculptures, films and other forms, but it is universally expressed and appreciated through music and dance. When an artist focuses on both of these forms, the rhythm flows from his heart to the rest of his body until he becomes the rhythm itself. This can be seen in the life of Michael Jackson. His forms of creative expression cannot be confined to categories, styles, or mediums. He is his own art, and messages are his mediums. Great artists are not exempt from the slings and arrows of fortune, and Michael Jackson is no exception. Fame and popularity have prices one must pay, and to maintain the glitter of glamour, one must compete for the limelight. Despite his infamy, Michael Jackson continues to attract audiences and impart inspiring messages through his music. Katherine and Joe Jackson were married on November 5, 1940, under the Jehovah's Witness faith, They soon began to raise their family in a quiet little city called Gary, Indiana. Nine years later, their seventh son, Michael Joseph, was born on the 29th of August. Being musically inclined, Katherine and Joe shared their talents among their nine children. The Jackson children soon began to sing at the church choir and perform at school programs and town pageants. Michael, who began studying at Garnett Elementary School already was winning various talents contests at the age of five. A few months later, his older brothers formed a band and decided to entere various talent searches and amateur contests. It was only a few years later that Michael joined his brothers to form The Jackson Five. Joe Jackson arranged for The Jackson Five to perform at small clubhouses for a few bucks a night. Their talents did not go unnoticed. After being discovered, The Jackson Five released their first single in 1968. In that same year, they released their second single. Due to its success, they performed in the same shows as The Supremes, James Brown and Sammy Davis, Jr. After a number of performances, The Jackson Five signed a contract with Motown Records. I Want You Back / Who's Loving You, their debut single with Motown, sold two million copies in six weeks and earned them their first gold record. As a result, The Jackson Five was invited to appear on various television shows such as The Ed Sullivan Show, The Johnny Carson Show, The Sonny and Cher Show and Soul Train. In 1970, The Jackson Five released their first long playing album, Diana Ross Presents the Jackson Five. This album topped the charts in both England and America. In the mid-seventies, The Jackson Five Show aired on television and their albums continued to earn gold records. Wanting to have his own career, Michael Jackson left his brothers and began recording on his own. Having been the front man for The Jackson Five for many years, Jackson's separation from the group caused their album and concert sales to decline. Michael's first solo album, Off the Wall, turned out to be a success along with the singles She's Out of My Life and Rock with You. Off the Wall broke records and sold twelve million copies worldwide. Jackson continued to outdo himself with the victory of his following albums: Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, HIStory Past, Present and Future Book I and Blood on the Dance Floor. Michael Jackson's success has not only generated more contracts and more popularity, but

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Swatch Group Essays

Swatch Group Essays Swatch Group Paper Swatch Group Paper The global watch Industry Is an Industry that Is In midst of change, where technology considered high-tech Is now considered behind or companies who were leaders are now just fads. The Swatch group falls in this category as it is a company facing the issues of the necessity of reposition itself, facing increased competition and higher than normal production costs. The swatch group seems to be in a stage in their company that has kept growth low, and the future shaky thus a strategy has been set forward for the company. The recommended strategy of partnering with Titan Industries is a strategy, If Implemented properly will be able to deal with someone of these core Issues at hand. The strategy Is aimed to reposition the company, while taking advantage of external opportunities such as international expansion and lower production costs. In the following document, a closer insight into the watch industry and the swatch group itself gives a better more in-depth look of its current strategies, external/internal threats and opportunities and other possible strategies with the partnership as the ultimate outcome. External The global watch industry has been consistent and continually provoking more interest. The watch industry has usually in the past used a horizontal structure in which suppliers, craftsmen and sub-contractors supply movements and external parts to assemblers , who in turn put the final product all together. Although in rare instances the use of vertical structure has been used in the Industry, where the company builds the product completely within the company. The Industry takes more of a fragmented stance with more of a spread of players in the Industry. The products primarily offered in the global watch industry revolve around electronic, prestigious, luxurious and appealing watches. Various opportunities and threats in he industry are discussed below as well as in Exhibit A Major opportunities in the industry include the continued technology advances occurring In society, with technology continually advancing opportunities for more Innovative product lines exists and at potentially lower cost production. Another opportunity that exists in the industry is international expansion, as the watch market continues to become more relevant in the world, international expansion is up for grabs. The keys to success for companies in the industry will revolve around companies investing more heavily in R and D to maintain with the technology advances and take advantage of the international opportunities. Another opportunity in the Industry revolves around the ability to continue to produce watches at cheaper costs. Keys to success Include companies being able to locate sufficient outsourcing opportunities with production being cheaper in these locations. The major threats that occur in this industry involve around the market becoming too saturated. Since the ability to produce will become cheaper, in a sense the opportunities for companies already in the industry will also be considered a threat as continued new entrants in the market segments will appear. The same goes for International expansion, as companies expand Internationally, messmates companies are being threatened and requiring defense of their companies. Both these threats will lead to profits being diluted and a market shares being cut in to. Keys to success for companies will be able to fall heavily on their reputation along with maintaining strong existing connections customers to maintain the competitive advantages that exist, taking a more focused differentiation strategy and possibly looking for mergers to defend the international expansion and take advantage of the international expansion at the same time. Internal Assessment The swatch group is a diversified multinational holding company that was formed in 1983 through two Swiss watch manufactures. The swatch group manufactures and sells finished watches, Jewelry and watch components. The group is the leader in the world when it comes to watch making and the group supplies nearly all the components required for the watches. The groups production companies supply watch components and movements to third part watch makers in Switzerland and around the world. The swatch group has a reputation and customer loyalty that is rare and quite positively unmatched in the watch making world. Switzerland had commonly been known well for their ability to produce high quality clocks and relies heavily on its reputation based in its watch market. The Swiss watch represents wealth, power and status and with the swatch group as representative of the Swiss watch market, its stance in strong and trustworthy. The swatch group also relies heavily when it comes to their research and development segment in there company. And this is done rightly so as the companies R and D segment has continued to show innovation that has kept them as a world class company and watch maker. The many continues to enhance and develop the design of watch. This is a vital strength because the swatch group utilizes the end-user as a starting point of the departments research. The issue that arises is that with the continued development of R and D in competitors, this is considered an imitable strength and temporary distinctive competency A rising weakness that the swatch group continues to face is the high production costs the company faces. While most watch companies locate manufacturing activities in countries with lower production costs, swatch continues to remain committed to its Swiss home production. While they may consider this important to their D. AN. F the company, it will and has already started to deteriorate profits which have started to plateau profits. Swatch group can convert this into strength if other options of manufacturing their product is realized and considered. Financial Analysis The Swatch group continues to be a leading force in the global watch industry, as it is considered in value terms as the worlds leading watch manufacturer with 14 percent of the world market. The company continues to see consistent growth around 15 25 per cent per year, and saw an increase in gross sales and gross profits y 7. And 7. 5 percent respectively in 1998. This can be primarily attributed to a repositioning strategy initiated in the early asss, by replacing expensive metals with cheaper brands used to refresh the company and by also reducing its streamlined models from 2500 to 130. Another successful initiative that saw the company become stronger financially was a marketing campaign that saw increase its awareness Tort ten omega watch Increase, Ana Decode stronger especially Witt an average of a 50 percent price point below its main competitor Role. Financially where the swatch group lacked was the fact that there sales have began o plateau at levels around 18 to 20 million units a year. The issue the company faces would be that if sales continue to plateau the company will have to rely more heavily on debt and borrowing as the company moves the future. Attempting to utilize its assets more efficiently is one step, another is reducing costs. Current Strategies The Swatch Group and Hayes currently deploy a differentiation strategy in their company which relies on their ability to create a watch that is able to stand out when grouped in with their competitors. The Swatch group has implemented this strategy and sustained its competitive advantage through innovation and their dedication to quality. Innovation at the Swatch group has been an important cornerstone in the groups development and progress towards the future. Innovation from adapting to technology advances in the watch market to their vertical integration strategy by keeping cost production costs lower through reducing the numbers of parts and automating the manufacturing process. Swatch cut the number of parts from 91 to 51 resulting in production costs of under 10 Swiss francs. The Swatch group also relied heavily on their marketing campaign to create brand wariness for their brands and reinvent the watch concept for consumers. The Swatch group positioned their products as accessory items opposed to time keeping. They did this through creating fashionable designs, creating large scale advertisements, limited editions and event sponsoring. The ass they switched their distribution channel to swatch concept stores where the brand products were displayed. A final important part to the Swatch group was the vision set out by Hayes (CEO). The Swatch group wanted to convey a message like no other watch brands in the watch market. Hayes and the swatch group made it clear that the group wanted to target ND be present in all market/ price segments from top to bottom and willingness that the group would be able compete in the markets. Key Issues After clearly seeing the nature of business the swatch group takes, it is clear the Swatch group has a couple of different issues that need to be addressed in order for the company to move in the right direction. The issues the swatch group faces is first that currently their position in the industry is ambiguous and needs to be re organized/ re positioned to give a clearer out look o the future. They are being seen by consumers as Just a fad of the earlier days and Ewing over looked by upcoming and exciting watch industries like Timex. Another is their high manufacturing costs of producing watches in Switzerland which is becoming a strain on the company financially. With more and more of the competition looking for outsourcing possibilities in countries with low cost production solutions, the swatch group has started to fall behind. The problem has really started to affect the company and stands at the forefront of their issues. Continuing to manufacture in one of the most expensive countries in the world and began to take a toll on the company. Another issue that is posed on the swatch group is the increasing competition and different market niches. With companies beginning to take Autocue Transliteration strategies In tenet companies, certain market segments and price segments are becoming increasingly more competitive. This stands as a serious issue for the swatch group as they are present in all market segments and price categories and can result in decreased net margin. Strategic Alternatives The first alternative that Swatch group can pursue is moving manufacturing out of Switzerland into Asia, countries with lower cost production solutions. This will lead to watch taking a cost focused strategy approach. By moving production out of Switzerland the swatch group will be able to maintain with its competitors in regards to production and its productions costs will move from a weakness to strength. By moving production out of Switzerland and still be compliant with the Switzerland government, the swatch group will be able to continue forward with growth and have more to invest in their R and D department. The second alternative that the Swatch group can pursue is a strategic partnership with titan industries (a watch making company based out of India) which will help with the many reposition itself internationally, significantly helping its efforts of gaining more international recognition. Titan industries is also another extraordinary success story in the industry, there expansion has been quick, profitable and recognized by the industry. In this broad differentiation strategy an alliance with a company like titan suits swatch well, as both are looking to continue to grow internationally and avoid the wide spread of competitors continuing to enter the market while both focusing primarily on the watch industry. With immense domestic demand and low cost labor, titan seems to be an exciting and profitable opportunity. The third alternative that swatch can explore is reorganizing its product portfolio. With continued increase in competition especially with competition in niche markets tightening up, swatches current strategy of attempting to be present in all market and price segments seems to have expired. In this focused differentiation alternative swatch will focus their attention on their product lines that are more profitable for the company and abandon their other markets. This means swatch will put more focus on their middle to luxury market segments. This will create a more of a focused differentiation approach strategy. Criteria and evaluation of alternatives by criteria In determining which option will best suit the Swatch group and lead them to more prosperous future, the alternatives that have been discussed need to be asses against three criteria. The first criterion that needs to be met in order to ensure future success for the alternatives would be to produce a positive NP (Net Present Value). The second criterion that needs to be assessed is how each alternative will affect the companys long term sustainability. The final criterion that will be assessed or each alternative is risk level of each possible direction, in the sense evaluating if any of the alternative imposes any greater risks on the Swatch group or the risk of the strategy failing In the first alternative of moving production out of Switzerland with regards to the first criteria of NP, this criterion would produce a NP of $5,333,543,488 which satisfies the criteria. In terms of long term sustainability, moving production out of Switzerland could play a positive role with this criterion. As production is being moved out, costs will De raceme, growth can De Increased as cap tall can De ovate to toner important initiatives of the company and the selling price can be readjusted. The risk level of alternative is tarnishing the Swiss made label that has been the foundation of the company. If consumers drop the product because the prestigious label has become cheaper the company could lose market share in the higher to middle end market segments, which would hurt growth in the company and the futures outlook. The second alternative of partnering with titans industries, creates an NP of $9,027,460,032 which is not only positive, satisfying the first criterion it is the largest NP produced, a important factor to consider. With regards to long term sustainability, this alternative seems to be the strongest in this criterion. With the company needing to reposition itself and create a firmer outlook in a fickle industry, partnering would create the companys outlook stronger and create a synergy between two rising companies looking for international expansion. The partnership would assist in lowering costs, opening up new markets, benefiting from economies of scales, combining assets, advanced growth and competition advantages. The risk level of this alternative is the possibility of losing some of its Swiss made label, which could hinder the future. Also since titan had failed in an alliance earlier, the possibility of failure is possible. The last alternative of reorganizing their portfolio by reducing their product line to the most profitable product, satisfies the first criterion producing an NP of $5,447,279,600. With long term sustainability, the company would be able to see growth through focusing on their most profitable product lines, except costs would increase because the producing these higher end market segments would be more expensive. The risk level of this alternative is that consumer would be lost resulting n lower revenues and if they cant attain higher market share in the product lines they focused on the company would not see growth. The pay out of this alternative might not be worth the risk of consolidation of the products. Recommendation and Implementation Based on the evaluation of the alternatives, the recommended strategy to implement is to create a strategic partnership with Titan industries. The criterion shows that this alternative would be the most attractive in dealing with the key issues the Swatch group faces in the future. Profits would be increased, costs would be reduced b, intention reduced and the company would be repositioning itself for the future. Implementing this strategy would have be done delicately and ensured that not too much time is spent to distract them from moving forward. First part of production would be moved to India resulting in redistributing the cost savings in R and D and some production kept in Switzerland to attempt to keep the Swiss made label. A marketing campaign would be implemented to create a view of the future for the organization and ensure consumers know where the organization stands. The marketing campaign would involve social networks, heavy advertising and the SE of celebrities from all over the world wearing the watches. Then continue to produce product lines, with a more international aspect being implemented so new markets are created. Competition will then be targeted, innovating together by destroying images of others and increasing market share of their own. Avoidance of WOO De nope In tens partnership to rely more on current assets AT ten alliance. Limitations and critique of recommendation While this strategy of partnering with Titan industries seems to look strong and quite promising for the organization certain limitations exists. The first one being that Titan had already tried to work with a partner to develop internationally and move forward, this company being Timex. While a failure seems possible, the difference in this scenario is that both companies are more suitable for a partnership opposed to the partnership with Timex, who really never needed one and was becoming strong on their own. In this scenario swatch and titan need each other more then Timex needed titan. Another limitation that occurs is the fact that even though some production stays in Switzerland, the Swiss made label needs might be tarnished. While this risk seems possible, a proper advertising campaign can mitigate this risk and help the organization move forward without fear of this really hurting the company. The limitations are a concern only if the Swatch group does not commit fully to this strategy. Exhibit 1 External Analysis Opportunities and Threats: Opportunity: New Markets * Opportunity to expand internationally with new markets being produce * Deciding whether to enter the markets or not * With new markets being entered, hype/ attention will be back on swatch * Technology advances creating new markets Opportunity: Low Cost Production solutions Over seasons markets open to inexpensive cheap labor * Could be considered a threat if not taken advantage of * Lower costs of production leads to lower overall costs and higher profits Threat: Market saturation * Companies investing more in research and development in niche markets(RD) * Heightened competition in focused markets, creating tougher markets to compete in Threat: New Markets * International expansion helping companies move internationally, and steal market share from other companies * New competition taking advantage of innovation in the industry, creating new product lines Conclusion: To take advantage f these opportu nities means to take advantage of them now before they disappear. In the watch industry, it seems of late its becoming an ever changing industry where position needs to be firm. With regards to the threats, if they arent dealt with they can be a serious detrimental issue to a business in the industry.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The prevailing poverty and inequalities in the world Essay

The prevailing poverty and inequalities in the world - Essay Example More specifically, the Summary Report of the Social development: implementation of the outcome of the World Summit for Social Development and of the twenty-fourth special session of the General Assembly states (2006) that around the world some of "those working did not earn enough to lift themselves and their families above the $2-a-day poverty line" (p.3) In other words, it has quantified economic impoverishment as an earning below the amount of two USD. Hence those people who do not have opportunities to earn a minimum of 2 USD per day, as said to be in a state of poverty. According to the Summit Report of the United Nations General Assembly (2006), the approximate estimate of those living below the poverty-line globally, was about 1.4 billion. This is despite the fact that this 1.4 billion is a working force. According to the report "although the share of the $2-a-day working poor in total employment had decreased to 47.4 per cent in 2006, from almost 55 per cent in 1996" (p.3). Moreover, other categories of aged unemployed, women and children unemployed also fall into the category of 'people living below the poverty line, according to the Summit Report (2007, p. 2-3). The overall figures of the various figures show a m